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    One day when Jeff Robbins was about 10 years old, the Morrill resident was thinking about what he wanted to do for a living someday. About that time he saw a crop duster plane fly overhead and it led him into a lifelong love of flying and the aviation industry.

    Tyson Foods will launch weekly coronavirus testing of workers after outbreaks sickened thousands of employees and idled production at several meat plants this spring.


    Gym owners and mall tenants waited eagerly this week for the state’s phase four reopening guidelines so they could get back to business after being closed more than three months for the coronavirus. Instead, they found out that they are excluded from phase four, and that there is no timeline set for them to reopen. “We are very disappointed.

    Emergency medicine researchers in Buffalo have launched a study to see if a steroid medication typically used to treat asthma can help patients sick at home with Covid-19. “Some people with viruses or other illnesses feel better sooner, faster with these kinds of medicines, so our hope in this case is that it will be helpful too,” said Dr.

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