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You want the best for your kids

You want the best for your kids

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Parents always want what’s best for their kids.

Scratch that. GOOD parents always want what’s best for their kids.

I’ve often told people that I didn’t know how much my parents loved me until my sons were born. The world changed the day my oldest was born, and it changed again the day my youngest was born.

It changed again when my two step-kids came into my life. To me, they’re not step-kids, but they’re my son and daughter, and I want what’s best for them, too. Daughters-in-law and significant others for my kids? Same thing. I want all of them to be healthy and happy and successful.

When you see one of your kids struggle with something, whatever that something might be, it’s painful. As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to help them, but you also know that you can’t always fix it.

There are situations where all you can do is give your best advice and hope they listen to you. There are other situations where all you can do is listen and let them know that there is someone who cares about them. You may not understand their struggle, but you can listen and hope to help them understand their own situation.

I am truly blessed by all four of my children and their significant others. They’re all intelligent, hard-working individuals. Those who are parents are good parents, and those who aren’t parents are terrific aunts and uncles. They make me proud.

There are obviously days when you look at your kids and wonder what they’re thinking or why they did what they did, but when they’re adults, they make their own decisions and choose their own path.

The greatest thing we can do as parents is to teach them and rise them as well as we can, and hope they take some of it to heart and realize what you’re trying to teach them as they go through life.

I’m sure I wasn’t the easiest kid to raise, but over the years, I probably learned more from my parents than they think I did.

Rhonda and I are not the perfect parents, but one thing our kids should know for sure is that we love them. That’s important to me.

There are many ways parents show love, but there is one key way that I think is critical – tell them. When times are good, and when times are tough, tell them. Let your kids know that you’re there for them. And then be there for them. You never know how critical it might be for them. And for you.

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