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Hemingford Village Board discusses splash pad

Hemingford Village Board discusses splash pad

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Weather over the past few weeks hasn’t been ideal for swimming conditions. But that hasn’t stopped the village board from discussing a Splash Pad pool and recreation center in its borders.

“We’ve taken fun seriously since 1999,” Ammie Frost, a Splash Pad representative, told the village board. “The big thing that sticks out to us is when we do a project, the way that we know that we’ve done it right and that we’ve succeeded in that laughter. That is the sound of success.”

Specifically, Frost represented Commercial Recreation Services, a Wisconsin-based company. CRS also sells playground equipment, lightning detection and separates itself from its competition by offering full service including product installation.

“We do a lot of different things, not just splash pads,” Frost said.

Splash Pads are essentially water parks where children and adults are sprayed with water from colorful sprayers designed as frogs, for example. Unlike swimming pools, there is no depth to a Splash Pad. This makes the park more inclusive to people with disabilities that prevent them from using traditional swimming pools, according to Frost.

Frost added that, while the pads are designed to be inclusive, they’re also designed to be fun for all ages.

“We design them accordingly. So that it’s not just for big kids. It’s not just for little kids. It’s not just for teenagers. No, it’s for everybody,” he said.

The Splash Pad would be organized into separate sections for different age groups, Frost said.

“A little kid doesn’t want to get this huge dumping buckets splashing on him, obviously,” First said.

That means separating into three groups: A toddler zone, a teen zone, and a family zone.

Frost said the toddler zone would have low spray features that were low to the ground. The teen zone would have big interactive features with more space to move around. Lastly, the family zone would be where the other two zones meet.

“They might be taller features, but they’re not going to be as extravagant, they’re not going to be as crazy. So little kids aren’t going to be as intimidating going into those areas,” he said.

Frost said that having a Splash Pad brought a lot of positives to a community. For one, he said it can bring people together.

“Especially with COVID — COVID doesn’t help anybody — people are going inside, they’re staying to themselves, we want to get them back out and get them back into that community to get him outside, you know, recreating, having fun,” he said.

Frost said that the Splash Pads are also easy to maintain.

“They are very simple to use. They are similar to an irrigation system. So if you have any familiarity with using an irrigation system, winterizing one, starting one up, it’s almost the same,” he said.

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