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Remember When...

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Remember when... they called school off when you were a kid!! No, it didn’t mean playing video games or sleeping all day. It meant although there was too much snow to get to school. There was just enough snow to put your warmest clothes on in layers, grab your hat and mittens and head outside!! So many things to do! From snow forts to snowball fights with the neighbor kids.

We had a steep drive way, which meant looking for a big ol’ box, cutting it up and everyone had a sled! Sledding also was at its best on the hill between the bulldog practice field and the stadium. It was always closed to cars and all the kids in town would go there sledding!! It was so fun. Every sled in the world, those new nifty dish ones, the red metal/wooden sleds, toboggans, boxes, and an occasional car hood loaded with kids.

If it was to cold to be out long, you would come home and play board games, coloring books, or put together what my mother hoped was a 10,000 piece puzzle. Sometimes a paint by number, stringing beads, reading a book or comic book. And generally having a wonderful time because kids think of snow days as holidays.

Many times mom would make meatloaf on these cold days. She would say it was to warm up the house. I can still remember that smell of it cooking. The extra warm kitchen, with us sitting around the table excitedly telling mom about all the sleds we had seen that day.

Tired, full, and ready to take a warm bath and get into our jammies. I think we were asleep before we hit the pillow. Only to have dreams all night of hopefully (fingers crossed) another snow day the next day!

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