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TAMI SWEARINGEN: Remember when...

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As fall continues its merry way into our lives. It gets colder every night. Making it wonderful sleeping weather mom would say...

Of course that woman could sleep in a walk-in freezer with a fan on and be happy.

However, it made the morning walk to school a bit chilly Yes people really did that. We walked approximately 2 1/2 miles to school everyday; and dreamed of the day we could drive. But in the meantime, parents worked and kids walked. You met your friends along the way, and planned out your day, weekend, and life. Growing up either we walked or rode a bike. Our folks didn’t drive us to a friends. We walked or stayed home. Moms favorite thing to do was not to tell us the snow had caused the school to close. So we trudged thru snow up to my brothers behind to school. Got there to read the notice on the door, school was closed. So we walked back home planning our revenge. She would just laugh at us, she said she still had to go to work, and figured that would keep us busy at least a little while, and maybe we wouldn’t kill each other, as we were too tired to fight. Ok fine, it worked. Didn’t take us long to figure out the radio would tell us, Larry Patrick wouldn’t keep it from us!! So if it was snowing we set our alarm for 6 a.m. when KCOW sprang to life with the National Anthem. And sure enough Larry, or Don Gill or a host of others, would let us know that we could crawl back in bed and watch cartoons all morning. Yes there used to also be cartoons in the morning!

Another wonderful memory in Alliance, was going downtown! The smell of the cinnamon candy apples, and popcorn, would bring you to the door of the Kandy Snap. Mouth watering in anticipation of those apples. That and the Deelite Bakery made cabbage burgers. We would walk downtown, grab our goodies and get back just in time for our next class.

Fall always had the perk of the churches bazaars! Decide what you want to be for Halloween and start checking these places out. My best costumes started with a bazaar item. The ladies usually had some goodies available for lunch as well. So my best friend Sonja and I would make a morning of it.

Time has a funny way of making all those things endearing to you. They make you who you are, and remind you where you come from. And it truly is the most simple things that stick in your mind forever.

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