Pam Caskie laughs often, even in a serious and staid setting of a job interview for the city administrator position.

The former manager for Alliance and cities such as Ambridge and Stroudsburg, both in Pennsylvania, said Monday, July 20, her 29 years of experience make her a good fit for the job.

Caskie contrasted her time in Sevierville a town just over 16,000 which made more than $2 billion from tourism in 2018 with Gering’s $34 million budget, 85 full-time employees and 150 part-time employees. She also said her experience in the Panhandle for five years means she’s got a jump on the relationships with intergovernmental agencies and said her expertise in economic and tourism development would help Gering achieve “full potential.”

“If you don’t want someone who’s visionary, if you don’t want somebody who gets things done, I’m probably not your person,“ she said.

Caskie said her biggest ask was for the people she builds relationships with to trust in her.

“I don’t think it’s easy to be honest if you aren’t transparent, and it’s impossible to be transparent if you aren’t honest,“ she said.

Caskie’s interview was the shortest so far, just an hour and twenty minutes for the 28 questions mayor Tony Kaufman said were prepared for all candidates.

Caskie has so far been the only candidate that all the council members have answered a question for at the end of her interview, a task usually fielded by Kaufman. While Kaufman took the usual questions of “What are you looking for in an administrator,” Caskie’s question of “What are the most divisive issues in Gering” prompted responses from all the council members present with answers ranging from issues with the budget, to spending outside of infrastructure, to beautification to how downtown on 10th Street looks.

Caskie’s interview is the third of the four finalists. The final interview with Dustin Stambuagh from Littelton, Colorado, was held Wednesday, July 22.

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