Well, just like that, the 2020 Box Butte County Fair has come and gone. Another year of events at the Box Butte County Fairgrounds is in the books.

This year was dubbed by many on social media as the COVID Fair. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic this years’ fair looked much different than previous years. However, the community was just thankful that our County was able to still have a fair as that was not the case across much of the State.

How has the Fair ended ever since most of us could remember? With loud cars crashing into each other in a muddy arena of course!

The 2020 Box Butte County Fair Demolition Derby was an exciting one for sure. The majority of the contestants were Box Butte County residents, which makes for a fun event when it comes to cheering for your favorite.

This year’s results event was called Dirt Floor Dancing and was coordinated by Mandy Whaley-Greve in memory of her brother Chet Whaley.

During the Derby the BBC Fair Queen Court helped to collect donations for Trae and Bailey Vogel. They raised $1,500 in donations for the Vogel family.  

“To everyone who donated, you are amazing and you have helped give this young family a little breathing room while they figure out the next steps in their battle,” said Whaley. “This is why I love our community!”

Bailey was very recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphom.

The results for the 2020 BBCF Demolition Derby are:

Full Size - Main #1

1st - # 007 Don Cler-Hemingford

2nd - # 124 Shan Vrana-Abie

3rd - # 19 Eric Snitily-Crawford

4th - # 922 Matt Finnell-Hemingford

Mad Dog - # B16 Braden Honstein-Hemingford

Full Size - Main #2

1st - # 19 Eric Snitily-Crawford

2nd - # 922 Matt Finnell-Hemingford

3rd - # L22  Luke Honstein-Hemingford

4th - # 007 Don Cler-Hemingford

Compact - Main #1

1st - # 14  Chase Armstrong-Sidney

2nd - # 25  Aaron Korth-Alliance

3rd - # 121 Chase King-Alliance

Mad Dog - # 25 Aaron Korth-Alliance

Compact - Main #2

1st - #22 Jason Dolan-Sidney

2nd - #512 Dayson Contratto-Sidney

3rd - #121 Chase King-Alliance

HOBO - Main Event

1st  - # 00 Rick Turek-Hemingford

2nd - # B50 Hayden Blumanthal-Hemingford

3rd - # 210 Brian Turek-Hemingford

4th - # 10 Jack Payne-Hemingford

Mad Dog -# B50 Hayden Blumanthal-Hemingford

“We wish we could have given everyone in the HOBO Mad Dog as they ALL came out hitting hard and put on one heck of show,” said Whaley. “It was very hard for us to pick one, so great job to all of you in the HOBO heat.  We are so glad you enjoyed yourself.”

HOBO - Winner Takes All 

#10 Jack Payne of Hemingford

Country music star Ned LeDoux performed to a packed house on Saturday evening. He performed a number of his hits as well as some famous hits recorded by his father Chris LeDoux. It was uncanny how similar their voices were. It was a great performance.

The livestock auction was held on Saturday afternoon. The longtime auctioneer noted that it was the best auction that Box Butte County had ever had.

One cookie jar sold for $2,400 and a chicken sold for $500. Just to give you an example of how well the 4-H auctions went. Bids were taken online as well as over the phone but for the most part it was the bidders that were there in person that stepped up to show their support for Box Butte County.

The parade on Saturday morning looked slightly different due to COVID. However the turnout was great! The audience watched from the Grandstands as the floats drove by.

Village Pizza’s creative float showed off the best use of the Boots, Jeans, and Nebraska Dreams theme. They were named this year’s winner by the judges.

Bright and early, before the parade the Box Butte Co. Fair 5K Memorial Walk/Run began.

Michaela Gasseling organized the 2020 Memorial Run/Walk. This year the event was be held in honor of Lois Collins, Bruce Engel, Barbara Messersmith, Steven Messersmith, Boyd Nye, Steven Pfeiffer, Rosie Stricker, Keri Votruba, and Dale Wood.

The Memorial Run/Walk Results are:

Male over 60: Gene Nerland

Male 50-59: Jim Keegan

Male 40-49: Shaun Hunter

Male 30-39: Joel Duffield

Male 15-19: Wiley Rudloff

Male under 14: Boady Hunter

Female over 60: Barbara Hood

Female 50-59: Barbie Applegarth (1st); Barb Keegan (2nd)

Female 40-49: Sally Bryner (1st); Riki Hunter (2nd)

Female 30-39: Jasmine Clark

Female 20-29: Ellie Walls

Female 15-19: Braelyn Shrewsbury

Female under 14: Dakota Horstman (1st); Teagen Thompson (2nd)

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