“We wanted to show support for a longtime friend and coworker,” said Steve Baker.

Baker was part of the group that was organized by Roger McCoy for Hemingford resident Pat Moser.

“Pat is an exceptional man,” said McCoy. “I was surprised but very happy with the turnout.”

On Monday morning McCoy reached out to four or five mutual friends that he had with Moser.

“It just knew that a lot of his friends were thinking of him and praying for him. It really snowballed and that just shows how many friends that Pat has. When I called people I just told them to spread the word to anyone that they could think of that would like to show their support for Pat. I was just amazed at how many people showed up.”

30 to 40 cars showed up to show their support for their friend Pat. There were around 50 friends and former coworkers of his from Hemingford, Alliance, Scottsbluff, Bridgeport, Crawford and Bayard.

“I sure was surprised,” said Pat. “It was a very humbling experience. I have some good old friends.”

Pat and his wife Peggy moved to Hemingford in 1975 when he began working as a machinist for Burlington Northern. He was also an EMT on the Hemingford Volunteer Fire Department for 12 years. So he’s made a friend or two.

Pat was diagnosed with                stage four colon cancer nearly six years ago.

“I had surgery and they took my colon but it was in both sides of my liver. I started chemo and was on chemo every two weeks until I couldn’t handle it. Then I went to every three weeks and have been on chemo ever since. Just before we went in this last time we told the doctor that I couldn’t handle it anymore and I was done with chemo,” Pat said.

“We’re going to let the Lord make the decision as to when my time is up here on Earth. Chemo and the Lords will has given me five, almost six years, to get done with what he wants me to get done,” he added.  

“The most important thing to me is Jesus Christ. Without Jesus I would have never gotten through this…

I’m just an old broken down sinner,” Pat said.

“The doctors didn’t expect that I would live this long. Yes it’s been painful but there’s been so many blessings that we never expected that could have come from this such as friends that you never knew you had.”

Pat and Peggy have four kids that are scattered all over the U.S.

“My kids planned to come out and see us. Three days before they were scheduled to come out I got sick and went into the hospital. The closest I got to them was waving at them in the parking lot from the window of the hospital,” Pat said.

He was hospitalized for two and a half weeks and released this past Saturday, June 6th.

“Hemingford has been a very good home. There are a lot of good people here and I’m honored to have made such good friends here. Could not be happier with our decision to raise our family here,” said Pat.

Pat was too weak and his immune system is too weak for him to be able to have visited with his friends that came to see him on Monday evening. But his friends knew that, they just wanted to lift his spirits by showing their support.

“It was good to hear old friends outside talking and laughing,” Pat said. “Laughter and voices that I had not heard for a while. I wish I would have been able to join them but it sure was nice to see and hear them.”

“We were so overwhelmed,” said Peggy as she fought back the tears. “It was just amazing to see the support that we didn’t know we had.”

Also on Monday, Jon Curtis and some members of Pat’s men’s bible study gathered at Pat and Peggy’s home. They all placed a hand on their home and said a prayer for Pat and Peggy.

“Pat and I attend a men’s Bible study together on Tuesday mornings in Hemingford,” said Jon.

“The moment for me was an opportunity to unite together in prayer with fellow believers to support a brother in a Christ as he battles cancer. He is a friend to many in the community. Nobody is meant to walk alone in life. We continually declare Pat is in a constant state of recovery until wholeness. Jesus purchased his healing on the Cross and we continue to stand with and declare that for Pat.”

Pat and Peggy’s neighbor, seven-year-old, Kennedy Mahony decided on Friday morning that she wanted to do something special for Pat by having a lemonade stand.

“What a light that those kids are to Peggy and me,” said Pat. “A shining light to watch out the window and would they would come visit. I was amazed that they thought of me and honored to have them as my friends.”

“It was all Kennedy’s idea,” said her mother Stephanie Mahony. “She had been dying to have a lemonade stand and decided she wanted to take donations for Pat while serving her lemonade. Pat and Peggy have been our neighbors and family friends for quite some time and my kids have adopted them as their own family and now refer to them as “Uncle Pat” and “Aunt Peggy”. When my sister in law, Betsy Sorensen, heard what we were doing she offered to donate cookies to the cause, so we decided to just hand out the lemonade and cookies and take a free will offering for Pat. At least 25-30people came to the stand and then we received a handful of online donations as well.”

“I just loved the idea of what my niece and nephew were doing having a lemonade stand and thought we could contribute some cookies to them,” said Betsy Sorensen.

“I’m just so thankful for these experiences,” Pat said. “The lemonade stand, friends getting together, and the men’s prayer group that drives by and honks… I’m so thankful for my old friends and new friends.”

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