The Body Shop celebrated its five year anniversary this past April. Instead of hosting a celebration then it was decided that they would wait until their brand new equipment arrived and host an open house.

Yesterday was the big day. Members of the community got the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary as well get a glimpse of the new equipment.

“It really is a dream,” said Jessica Davies, co-owner/board member. “We’ve worked really hard to make this come true; it’s been years in the making so it’s so exciting.

“We once again celebrate a milestone of partnering with the Hemingford Community Foundation to offer an incredible array of fitness equipment to meet the needs of a lifespan of ages and provide a safe environment to be active. Together we have been working to fill the need and community demand of providing space and opportunities to support the health and well-being of Hemingford-area residents through positive social connectedness opportunities.”

The Body Shop currently has around 110 members and punch card holders. There are seven instructors that teach a variety of classes. The building is owned by four individuals and the building is maintained by a whole bunch of people that volunteer their time to help keep it looking nice operations running smoothly.

“We want this to really be an access point. People can come in here and work out, especially as a family because that’s so important,” Davies said.

This innovative, social entrepreneurship model aligned well with the Innovation and Investment Fund through the Panhandle Area Development District to upgrade our fitness space and a grant for $40,000 was received successfully to purchase the following items for community access:

· Two new StarTrac treadmills

· Upright StarTrac Bike

· Gauntlet StairWell

· NuStep

· Rowing Machine

· Power Rack

· Three Way Bench Press

· Leg Press

· Three circuit equipment machines – Leg Press, Leg Extension, and Seated Leg Curl

· Dumbbells up to 100 lbs.

· Various weights

This grant was received by the Hemingford Community Foundation through the Panhandle Area Development District and intended to serve the health and well-being of Hemingford-area residents for a lifespan of ages.

The mission of The Body Shop is:

· To provide a safe environment for Hemingford residents of all ages to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles through access to a range of quality classes and fitness equipment.

· To offer space for positive, social connectedness opportunities for Hemingford-area residents.

“We are so excited to provide such a wonderful asset to the Hemingford community and the main street,” Davies said.

The Body Shop is a not-for-profit fitness center providing service to the Hemingford community and is 100% volunteer-ran. All membership dues are invested back into the center for expanded equipment, class offerings, and to the building for continued community benefit. The Body Shop is an affiliate fund of the Hemingford Community Foundation.

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