Businesses in Hemingford have grown and thrived over the past year. Yes it’s true that there have been some setbacks with the current national pandemic but one thing we can count on here is community support to help pull each other through these uncertain times.

We all watched with excitement as LUX Salon began construction last summer on Niobrara Avenue and was quickly finished for their grand opening celebration on October 11th.

Owners Ryan and Katie Dannar were excited to be on a main street and opening a business in a new building in their hometown.

“Born and raised and we’re staying!” Katie said.

“I was content where we are at (420 Cheyenne) but it is so nice to feel like we are more downtown,” she added. “So many people have commented on how nice it is to drive through town and there’s this big beautiful building instead of this vacant lot. It’s nice to be able to invest where you live. “

The Hemingford Chamber of Commerce held several ribbon cuttings over the past year to celebrate the growth in Hemingford.

LUX Salon was one of those locations to hold a ceremonial cutting of the red ribbon.

Also MC Signs and Decals/MCT Trucking, LLC, Honstein Repair, Village Pizza, Buchheit Precision, Treasured Grounds, Little Garden Child Care, and also the Hemingford Dental Clinic to welcome the new dentist Dr. Jonathan Owen.

"The Hemingford Chamber of Commerce has been so excited to see the New Businesses opening in Hemingford and expansion of our existing businesses,” said Hemingford Chamber President Kathy Gettert. “It makes our community flourish and supporting every business is imperative to keep them going!"

Covid-19 caused setbacks for an established Hemingford business as well as the opening of a highly anticipated business.

The coronavirus pandemic caused the temporary closure of most local businesses in town and around the country.

Due to Covid-19 the Community Garage Sales were cancelled as was Bands on the Butte, and the Alumni Banquet.

Businesses that had to close their doors to the public included the courthouse, pharmacies, the utilities office, The Ledger office and so many more. Restaurants were forced to shut down as were hair salons and any other “nonessential businesses”.

The Hemingford Community Care Center was and still has its doors closed to the public in order to protect their residents from the virus, UNLESS it was an emergency. If you do come in, you MUST use a mask, sanitize your hands and check in with staff before visiting any Resident. This will be in effect for up to 30 days unless we are notified of changes sooner. We are sorry for any inconvenience and we do appreciate your assistance in keeping our Residents safe.

The Body Shop had to make some changes and had some firm guidelines put into place.

“Things have maintained well at The Body Shop given the chaos of this year,” stated Jessica Davies with The Body Shop.

“We've had excellent support through continuous new and updated memberships. Classes have been going strong and the ladies were excited for tai chi again in June. People desperately needing the balance, flexibility, relaxation, and deep breathing it provides. Kim Haas is such an amazing instructor! The ladies just love it so much! Overall, people have been awesome about making sure to abide by all the important precautions for Covid-19 virus prevention while they are there.”

The pandemic also delayed the opening of Bubba’s Bar and Grill.

“Business has been busy and the support from the community has been overwhelming,” said owner Amy Honstein. “I know that eventually it will slow down but we have been very, very busy which is great.”

The original plan was to open sometime in March of 2020; they were able to open on June 15th at half capacity and then full capacity the 22nd of June.

“Dale Wood was my motivator and talked me into opening Bubba’s,” Amy added. “I look at his jersey every day and that helps me push through. He had so much faith in me to do this. I just wish that he could be here to see it. I think he would be very overwhelmed with how busy we have been and how much support we have gotten.”  

Keep your ears open for a potential open house on August 21st when Crossbell will be playing live music.

There have also been a lot of changes and progress with the Village of Hemingford.

“The street project is near complete,” said Village Administrator Barb Straub. “They have completed 10 blocks but we added another. In all there will be 11 blocks that were concreted with curb and gutter.”

The solar field is complete and they are looking to go online the first part of August.

“Covid has set some things back and it’s been a struggle,” Straub said. “There has been lots of growth and I’m so proud that we are keeping Hemingford viable. We’re taking things one step at a time but there is no doubt that Hemingford is growing.”

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