The Star-Herald is teaming with Amplified Digital and Google Partners to create a strategic marketing agency that can handle all the marketing needs of local businesses.

“This will allow business owners to focus on their business,” Star-Herald Publisher Rich Macke said. “We want to seamlessly connect local business owners with their ideal audiences and then track the results to assure them their marketing campaigns are working.”

Macke said he often hears horror stories of salespeople or companies pressuring business owners into long-term contracts using a single marketing approach that produces few or no results over time.

With the rise of social media, the digital marketing landscape has been changing rapidly. Today’s strategic marketing agencies need to help business owners determine which media their ideal customers are visiting. It might be traditional outlets like newspapers, radio and television or it might be something entirely different, like a social media platform.

“Understanding the trends and forces that will shape our business futures is vital for us to prepare for what’s to come,” Macke said. “What we’re offering is top-of-the-line marketing opportunities without top-of-the-line pricing.”

That means business owners will be able to take advantage of which marketing methods work best for their particular business and then have complete transparency into how effective the campaign is working in reaching new potential customers.

No longer will business owners have to guess how effective their advertising is performing. They’ll know in real time its effectiveness because the campaign is driven by data and humans using a number of measurement systems.

Macke said the new marketing agency will focus on the core values of being transparent, strategic and creative, as well as being bold.

“I am very excited about this new partnership,” Macke said. “I have long thought our industry was missing the boat by not being able to help businesses with ‘ALL’ their marketing needs. Today this has changed, and the Star-Herald, Gering Courier and Hemingford Ledger will be able to help local businesses grow by focusing on their needs. Our goal is to provide strategic plans that local business owners will find complete satisfaction in.”

He said that in addition to a large list of marketing opportunities, the new agency will be able to handle other business needs to develop plans, build awareness, generate leads and create customer engagement.

Those services include website development, social media management, audience targeting, pay-per-click advertising programs, and website remarketing, just to name a few.

“Not every business owner will need every service we’ll be offering,” Macke said. “We’ll work with them to use the tools they need to effectively grow their businesses.”

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