A Mournful Senior Year

Becca Hanson - Hemingford High School Graduate of the Class of 2020

When I was young I wanted to be an astronaut. This was not a dream of mine for long, but still I remember the days staring out the window longing for the day that I would reach the moon.

That was my dream.

When I closed my eyes I could feel my body surrounded by the thick suit keeping me warm and safe.

This was the day I longed for. A few days after this vision came to me it disappeared.

Today, I dream, again, of going to the moon, and not just because I would have the coolest job. I wish to go to the moon to escape what’s happening here on Earth.

It seems crazy to me that this is how my senior year is going to end, me sitting on the couch six feet away from the people I care about. It isn’t easy. There are a few kids in my class that, other than watching them get out of their car and collect their diploma at graduation, I may never see again. It pains me that this is what is happening to us.

I am grateful for the men and women that are helping us all through this time. There are so many people working their tails off that deserve our praise and thanks, but for the moment I am going to be sad. I am going to mourn the days I have lost with my classmates and teachers. I am going to mourn the time lost with my grandparents.

The longer this goes on the harder it will be to leave in the fall, and that is why today I wish to go to the moon.

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