Cross County bringing home medals

The Hemingford Cross Country Team gears up for their practice run. They head to Alliance to compete this Saturday, September 19th. 

The Hemingford Bobcat Cross Country Team practiced hard all summer. Whether training individually or meeting up as a team for a morning or evening run, one thing is certain, this is a strong team that works together and roots for each other like a family.

“They work so hard,” said Coach Jayme Clark. “They have been pushing themselves so hard all season both at meets and at practice.”

This past Tuesday, September 15th, the Bobcats headed to Bridgeport to compete at the Court House & Jail Rock Golf Course during the Bridgeport Invite.

“It was a little warm, but our Bobcats showed some grit,” Clark said. “We are so proud.

Results from Bridgeport meet on Tuesday, September 15:

Jr. High Girls

Dakota Horstman- 4th (10:45)

Aurora Hinman- 8th (11:12)

Serenity Dillard- 13th (11:20)

Brenna Schumacher- 34th (14:05)

Jr. High Boys

Dawson Christopherson- 6th (9:38)

Boady Hunter-9th (9:52)

Tayten Haas- 13th (10:24)

Gavin Bell- 16th (11:12)

Jacob Bryner- 17th (11:23)

Keirith Yale- 28th (14:46)

Seth Dillard- 30th (16:31)

High School Girls

Destiny Hanson- 6th (23:59)

Carlye Kresl- 7th (24:00)

Rachel Schekall- 35th (36:14)

High School Boys

Zane Hinman- 16th (20:43)

Creel Weber- 19th (20:55)

Braden Christopherson- 21st (21:29)

John Ansley- 24th (22:45)

Taren Hunter- 31st (24:24)

Dalton Jones- 35th (24:42)

Drew Varner- 44th (30:37)

The team had the weekend to rest after competing at the Kimball invite on Friday, September 11th to run the Four Winds Golf Course.

“Our Bobcats showed up to compete today and brought home 12 medals,” said Clark.

Results from Bridgeport meet on Tuesday, September 15:

Jr. High Girls

Jaili Jackson-1st

Dakota Horstman- 3rd

Aurora Hinman-10th

Brenna Schumacher-23rd

Jr. High Boys

Dawson Christopherson- 1st

Tayten Haas- 5th

Boady Hunter- 6th

Gavin Bell-8th

Nathan Randolph-13th

Bode Cornish-17th

Keirith Yale-23rd

Seth Dillard-24th


High School Girls

Carlye Kresl-4th

Destiny Hanson-5th

Catherine Bryner-10th

Rachel Schekall-27th

High School Boys

Zane Hinman-5th

Braden Christopherson-10th

John Ansley & Creel Weber- 14th (tie)

Taren Hunter-24th

Drew Varner-30th

The crew headed to Gering where they met up at the Five Rocks Amphitheatre to compete on Friday, September 4th

“This course was tough, but our XC kids were up for the challenge,” Clark said. “We had so many personal records and brought home four medals. It's a great day to be a Bobcat.”

Their first meet was held in Scottsbluff at the Riverview Golf Course on Thursday, August 27th.

After the meet Coach Clark said, “The Bobcats ran great today and battled the heat! Can't wait to see what they accomplish this season!”

The Jr. High Girls placed 2nd as a team out of 10 and the Jr. High Boys placed 3rd!

Girls Varsity

Carlye Kresl: 26th

Destiny Hanson: 32nd

Catherine Bryner: 47th

Girls JV:

Rachel Schekall: 30th

Boys Varsity

Zane Hinman: 36th

John Ansley: 41st

Braden Christopherson: 42nd

Creel Weber: 43rd

Boys JV

Taren Hunter: 52nd

Drew Varner: 70th

Jr High Girls:

Dakota Horstman: 7th

Jaili Jackson: 9th

Aurora Hinman: 20th

Serenity Dillard: 31st

Brenna Schumacher: 73rd


Jr. High Boys:

Dawson Christopherson: 8th

Tayten Haas: 23rd

Boady Hunter: 24th

Gavin Bell: 38th

Jacob Bryner: 39th

Nathan Randolph: 53rd

Keirith Yale: 67th

Seth Dillard 68th

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