Following a loss to Chadron on Tuesday, Jan. 14th the Bobcat Boys Basketball Team won the next two games.

They lost to Chadron by a score of Hemingford 33 to Chadron 57.

Then played Bayard on Friday, Jan. 17th and won 53 to 47 and on to Sioux County High the next day and ran away with the score winning 61 to 27.

“I’m going to sound like a broken record, but our defense keeps coming along,” Head Coach Brennan Vogel said. “A big part of that is our depth is developing under the starters and we can stay fresher and sub more.”

Same thing on offense, our depth is coming and we are doing a better job of keeping kids fresh,” Vogel went on to say. “As always, we keep seeing our fundamentals that we are stressing in practice starting to carry over into games. I say the same things every week, but to the boys’ credit, they haven’t complained and just kept working on the process of getting better.”

This week was the start of the Panhandle Conference Tournament in Edgemont. The guys will head their Friday night to play Sioux County at 7:15 p.m.

“One other thing I would like to credit the boys on, (something new other than the same things I say every week) is we challenged them to be uncomfortable,” said Vogel. “Coach Collins and myself try to put the boys in situations they are not comfortable being in with the understanding that the only way they are going to grow as people and basketball players is to quote ‘get uncomfortable’.”

Good luck to the guys on Friday. Check the Hemingford Public School’s Facebook page to see if you can watch the game live or catch the latest scores.

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