We have been so fortunate at The Ledger to have been able to participate in the School-to-Work program for the first time ever for the 2019-2020 school year.

Last fall we had Hemingford Public School students Rashell Neefe and Kinzee Swanson help us out here at the office. They both provided such a different feel to the way we do things around here.

Then for the second go around… Hemingford Senior Kaitlyn Fritzler walked into our office. Kaitlyn is a spunky young lady who is full of energy and seems to be not afraid of anything.

“Kaitlyn takes initiative,” said Ledger Advertising Consultant Holly Wade. “That is probably the quality I most appreciate about her. Have you seen the spring window? That was her idea. She looked at it one day and asked if we wanted her to create a spring themed window. I said, “SURE!” She came in the next day with everything to create it.”

Kaitlyn said that School-to-Work has benefited her in many ways.

“I have learned that there’s a lot more to the newspaper than just stories and that getting those stories isn’t as easy as I had thought,” said Kaitlyn. “Ads are a big way of how the newspaper gets run every week. I loved that I got to interact with my community when I would go out to sell ads.”

“Selling ads gave me some different tools to help me communicate with other people,” she added.

Some of the fun things that she enjoyed was looking through the old archives. She had the opportunity to help a customer that came in looking for an old article and she also looked for some old sports articles.

She helped work on a few articles as well. She took pictures of John Prochaska for his article and was able to help out at one of the manicure sessions at the Hemingford Community Care Center.

“Those are memories that I will always have with me,” she said.

“School to work is an amazing program that the school offers to students that I hope future classes will take advantage of,” Kaitlyn added. “Working at the Ledger has been so fun for me. When I walk in I never know what new tasks I have that day whether I go and sell ads or get to go out on assignments, which are always my favorite.”

“School to work has benefited me in many ways such as communication skills and investigative skills. I plan on going into law enforcement and I need these skills in the future. I have been able to interact with my community with going to the nursing home to do nails or getting go to basketball games to take pictures. The Ledger has old articles that I love looking through and seeing how much Hemingford has changed as a community and as a whole.”

“The Ledger would not be here without Kay and Holly and I’m so glad that I can come in and help them during the week and get to know them. Without the Ledger the town of Hemingford would never know what’s going on and this is why it is so important. My time at The Ledger has been a blast and I hope future students get a chance to work here and see how fun it is to work with Kay and Holly.”

Kaitlyn said, “I’m so glad that I got to help Holly and Kay with tasks because putting together a paper in a week is a lot of work and I always knew that whatever I could do to help helps them was much appreciated.”

Following graduation she will be off to Basics as she has enlisted in the Army National Guards. Her career goals are to be a Nebraska Game Warden and with her drive there’s no doubt that she’ll make that happen.

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