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Small businesses across the United States face dire circumstances following the COVID-19 outbreak. While small businesses are a critical component of the national economy, some parts of the country depend more on small businesses than others.

In times of crisis, workers not represented by unions may face worse consequences than workers represented by unions, and locations with lower union membership rates might also be less resilient to economic hardship. 

While population growth has slowed at the national level, population changes at the state and city level vary widely. These cities are the fastest-growing cities in America. 

Earning a six-figure income is a goal for many Americans, but few actually achieve it. These states feature the highest proportion of employees earning six-figures. 

While the pandemic is highlighting shortcomings of the U.S. healthcare system overall, it is also evident that some parts of the country are better staffed with healthcare workers than others.

In the wake of the novel coronavirus, many jobs requiring frequent interaction with others have been temporarily eliminated. However, not all jobs involve regular interaction with others, and some jobs might be more secure during a pandemic.

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