A test of skill and versatility, showmanship champions were put head to head while competing for the large animal round robin champion titles at the Scotts Bluff County Fair on Friday.

Involving four different species of livestock, including swine, meat goats, sheep and cattle, Friday’s round robin event took the grand champion showmen from each species and required each competitor to show all species.

After four years of participating in the round robin event, 2020 marks the year Jayden Allen finally took home the gold buckle, placing above his younger brother, Jackson.

Jackson, who was awarded the large animal round robin reserve champion title on Friday, said the competition between him and his brother has pushed both of them to be better showmen over the years.

“It's definitely a feud, I beat him at state fair one time,” Jackson said, laughing. “And he beats me everywhere else.”

For the Allen brothers, participating in livestock shows outside of the county fair has provided them with years of experience, allowing them to perfect and refine their skills over time.

“We show all over, we show nationally, locally and state. All summer, every weekend we go to shows,” Jackson said.

From their multiple livestock projects including goats, sheep and cattle, the brothers have developed a style of showing that translates across their projects, Jayden said the experience showing so many different species of livestock helps him in the show ring.

“They have two very different styles, they show differently and they are both very successful,” their mother, Jeana Linton, said, “Because they show different they kind of pick things up from each other too.”

The brothers both began their show careers at eight years old, Linton said. Over time, their hard work and competitive spirit has paid off.

“They bring the best out of each other,” Linton said.

Jayden and Jackson both took home a number of grand and reserve champion titles from showmanship and market shows at this year’s fair, and fairs in the past. Winning the round robin champion title is something the brothers have not done in the past, keeping the competition alive between the two.

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