Each week, Scottsbluff Police Cpl. Krisa Brass will answer questions submitted by Star-Herald readers. Send questions for consideration to youasked@starherald.com or by leaving your question at 308-632-9057.

With local swimming pools remaining closed many people are purchasing or building their own pools. Are there any regulations regarding liability, fences, gates, etc. for backyard pools?

As far as within the city of Scottsbluff, the only ordinances specific to pools are regarding the placement of the pools. Zoning requirements state a swimming pool or similar accessory structure may not be located in either a front or side yard setback area. A setback area is defined as the part of the yard abutting a front street whether the building on the lot fronts on the front or a side street.

As far as the liability, it would be a civil issue rather than a criminal issue. I would encourage you to reach out to your home owner’s insurance company if you have specific concerns.

Is there an ordinance in how many cars can be parked at a residence on a regular basis? Our neighbor has up to 8 vehicles parked in the street and in their driveway at any given time. This leaves very little parking for other residents of the neighborhood plus makes it hard to back out of our own driveways.

No. Although that seems inconsiderate and frustrating, there is no ordinance specifying a number of vehicles you can have parked in your driveway/on the street. The key here is the vehicles have to be legally parked.

Vehicles cannot be parked (for any amount of time) within five feet of any alley entrance, public or private driveway, or curb cut. If you or other neighbors are having difficulty backing out of your driveway, I would imagine there may be a violation regarding this section in particular.

The vehicles also cannot be parked on any street, alley, off street parking lot, or other public way for more than ten days.

If your neighbor has 10 cars in their driveway that do not run, not registered, or licensed, is that against city ordinance in Scottsbluff? It’s basically a junk yard and as a neighbor that takes care of my property, this is an “eyesore” to the neighborhood.

There are certainly some issues with this scenario and yes, having 10 broken down cars in your driveway is a city ordinance violation. Ultimately, it would be considered a nuisance. Ordinance 12-1-3 specifically considers “junk” as “machine or vehicle which is not in operating condition or which has lost its identity, character, utility, or serviceability….” Accumulating/leaving junk on your lot is considered a nuisance.

The ordinance further states you can hold up to two damaged/inoperable automobiles for the purpose of restoration if such automobiles are concealed by an automobile cover and situated in a rear or side yard.

Detailed complaints of nuisances can be emailed to compliance@scottsbluff.org.

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