Home Arts Winners at 2020 Scotts Bluff County Fair

Front row: Jerrod Shuler, Youth Grand Champion Dimensional Arts; Debbie Thomas, Adult Grand Champion Quilt and Adult Reserve Champion Dimensional Arts; Will Lerwick, Youth Reserve Champion Handicrafts; Ella Lerwick, Youth Reserve Champion Decorative Arts; Cara Schlothauer, Youth Reserve Champion Photography; Allie Frerichs, Grand and Reserve Champion Youth; Jana Barker, Adult Grand Champion Dimensional Arts; Kimberly Cardwell, Adult Grand Champion Handicrafts; Virginia Harimon, Adult Reserve Champion Baked Goods; Casie Campbell, Adult Reserve Champion Crocheting.

Back row: Jaxie John, Youth Grand Champion Quilt; June Lacy, Adult Grand Champion, Decorative Arts; Kate Lerwick, Student Reserve Champion Photography; Gary Stone, Adult Grand Champion Photography; Jada Schlothauer, Student Grand Champion Decorative Arts and Student Grand Champion Dimensional Arts; Sarah Connot, Student Reserve Champion Decorative Arts; Dean Anderson, Adult Reserve Champion Handicrafts; Ella Anderson, Youth Grand Champion Baked Goods; Jennifer Splichal, Adult Reserve Champion Canned Goods; Cathy Kaufman, Adult Reserve Champion Textile Arts; Marianne Relka, Adult Grand Champion Textile Arts; Renee Ford, Adult Grand Champion Baked Goods.

Inset: Megan Koppenhafer, Adult Grand Champion Knitting and Best in Show Textiles.

Not pictured: Erika Hackett, Adult Reserve Champion Quilts; Lori Karpen, Adult Reserve Champion Quilting; James Schaupp, Adult Grand Champion Crocheting; Isabella Galeotos, Youth Grand Champion Handicrafts and Youth Reserve Champion Baked Goods; Mitchell Meyers, Adult Grand Champion Woodworking; Pam Perry, Adult Reserve Champion Decorative Arts; Audrey Murray, Youth Grand Champion Decorative Arts; Taylor Perry, Youth Reserve Champion Dimensional Arts; Lorrie Williams Adult Grand Champion Canned Goods; Whittney Riesen, Adult Reserve Champion Photography; Justin Keller Student Grand Champion Photography; Laurence Keller, Youth Grand Champion Photography.

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