Scotts Bluff County law enforcement received more reports of drones flying in local skies Tuesday evening and the Nebraska State Patrol has issued information about reporting the activity.

Scottbluff Police Chief Kevin Spencer confirmed that additional reports were received by local law enforcement. A number of reports were called at various locations in the county, according to scanner traffic.

On Wednesday, the Nebraska State Patrol released that the Nebraska Information Analysis Center encourages the public to report suspicious activity using the NIAC reporting tool as the FAA, NSP, and several other agencies gather information on suspicious UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) cluster activity,

If you’d like to make a report, please use this resource:

Reporting criteria that may be helpful includes:

— Location: The location of the reporting party and general direction and movement of the suspected UAS clusters from there, and the general direction of travel.

— Description: Lights (configuration, number, color, patterns), estimated size, number of rotors, if fixed- wing, and shape(s). What did they sound like?

— Behavior: Flight behavior. (Did they fly straight, move side to side, up/down, back/forth, in a grid-pattern, over what area, etc.) What was the duration of the observation? How long were the UAS in the air?

— Command/Control: Look out for potential control vehicles/personnel, SUVs, vans or trailers, possibly with antenna.

Drone sightings in Colorado and Nebraska began in mid-December and have been continuing throughout the state. Various speculation has been occurring online, but none of the reports have been confirmed. Among the latest speculation has been that the drones are connected to F.E. Warren Air Force Base monitoring of missile sites in western Nebraska and Colorado. The Star-Herald has reached out to F.E. Warren Air Force Base’s military affairs department, which has not responded to a request for comment. However, the Denver Post reported earlier this week that a commander with the base has denied that the base is connected to the sightings and is cooperating with a task force and other efforts to determine the potential source of the drone activity.

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