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Wyoming Air National Guard flies over Torrington’s Banner Health Community Hospital

Wyoming Air National Guard flies over Torrington’s Banner Health Community Hospital

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Health care workers at Torrington’s Banner Health Community Hospital stood alongside their families as the Wyoming Air National Guard performed a flyover of hospitals across the state on Friday, in recognition of health care and essential workers fight against COVID-19.

A number of health care workers and their families gathered outside, and gazed into the sky, awaiting the Wyoming National Guards flyover tribute, as ambulance lights flashed in the parking lot in honor of the occasion.

“We look up to our military and for them to salute the health care workers here and the work that our nurses, physicians, caregivers and everyone else who has done so much in the state, is a big deal,” said Zac Miller, Torrington’s Banner Health Community Hospital CEO.“It means a lot to them and it means a lot to us.”

Miller and the hospital’s chief of nursing, Ingrid Long, agreed staff members at the hospital's health care facilities were eager to step outside and witness the Air National Guard’s salute to their work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There was such a buzz around the staff, and you could see that just by how full the parking lot was, and I noticed that a lot of our staff who were off of work today even came up to witness this really awesome occasion and I just really think it meant a lot to everyone,” Long said.

A number of the hospital’s staff members, who were able, came out to witness the flyover in front of the facilities' entrance, Miller said, joined by a number of Adolfson & Peterson Construction workers, who have continued their hospital expansion construction throughout COVID-19.

“I think we had about 40% to 50% of our staff who are able to leave patient care, were able to come out and witness the flyover,” Miller said.

Long said the event was an impressive and humbling experience for herself and the healthcare workers who have worked the “front lines” alongside her.

“It is actually really humbling, there are a lot of essential workers and front line health care workers who are putting their lives on the line and for the support we have gotten from not only the community, but then the state and the National Guard, like this, is pretty impressive and quite humbling,” Long said.

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