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ADRIAN SMITH: Catastrophe in Afghanistan

ADRIAN SMITH: Catastrophe in Afghanistan

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America mourns as August 26, 2021 goes down as the deadliest day for the United States military in well over a decade. The situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate as a direct result of President Biden’s gross incompetence. His rushed withdrawal has emboldened terrorists, created unnecessary risk for Americans and our allies, and damaged our reputation abroad.

It is the responsibility of the commander-in-chief to protect and defend our country and our servicemen and women. The drawdown of American troops from Afghanistan is not a new concept, but the way in which President Biden and his administration carried out this decision is disastrous. Rather than acknowledge their failures, the Biden Administration is instead doubling down on a deadline of August 31. He is more committed to the symbolism of the date than to the safety of Americans and our Afghan allies.

We cannot allow for August 31st to come and go without taking action. Speaker Nancy Pelosi must bring Congress back into session to stop the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan before this deadline. Speaker Pelosi brought the House of Representatives back to Washington earlier this week to address her $3.5 trillion wish-list. Surely, she can also bring the House back again to address the imminent danger in Afghanistan.

We need to stop the removal of any more of our troops until we have succeeded in evacuating all Americans. If we do not use our military power to safeguard Americans still within Afghanistan, we will be met with the harsh reality of American citizens becoming Taliban hostages. We cannot change the horrific outcome of the past week, but we can make decisions now to prevent such tragedies in the days ahead, and that must start with ensuring we leave no one behind. President Biden needs to understand the world is watching, and by not taking decisive military action he could trigger more instability in hostile regions.

Despite being warned of a potential threat, the U.S. Marines at the Abbey Gate in the Kabul airport never left their posts. Despite being brutally beaten, Afghan women are still flooding to the airport in hopes of safety. The selflessness and bravery we are witnessing across the globe is nothing short of honorable. Our troops, our citizens, and our allies in Afghanistan deserve better than this. God bless them all.

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