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EDITORIAL: COVID-19: The side many of us don’t see

EDITORIAL: COVID-19: The side many of us don’t see

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The message below came from a powerful post on social media last week. It’s written by a paramedic who has seen more than his share of COVID-19 cases. His frustrations are real and very relevant and not unlike those of our front line medical professionals across the country.

“So, in my last 48 hours at work, I transported eight COVID-19 positive patients. (Several more that are likely or suspect.)

Out of the eight my guess is that five of them will almost certainly die, one other is a ‘maybe,’ and the other two had relatively minor symptoms.

Of the 5 that will likely die, they were all of vulnerable demographics. None of them vulnerable because of their lifestyle, (alcoholics/addicts) which, I would hope wouldn’t matter but I know does to many of you.

They’re going to die because of the uncontrolled spread of this illness because a bunch of Kens/Karens won’t wear masks.

I so much want everyone to stuff the “government mask conspiracy” theory right up their @#$% with the fake moon landing and ‘non-existent Holocaust’ stupidity. Amazing people that deserve so much better are suffering and dying with no way to defend themselves from you.

Your anti-mask stance isn’t patriotic, it’s the very basis of anti-science BS and it’s victimizing those that can’t defend themselves. The science is clear that masks aren’t perfect, but they are way, way better than nothing. They save lives, a lot of lives.

I’m tired of watching people die so that someone else can pretend to be patriotic and “woke.” These are your neighbors, your friends, and the defenseless that depend on you to protect them.

I so much wish you had to sit down and explain to these people, face to face, how their lives are so much less important than your right to buy booze and toilet paper at Walmart with a bare face.

You have the privilege of harming people in the abstract, those of us trying to care for and comfort them while they die, from behind plastic gowns, masks and goggles aren’t so fortunate.

Your inaction is truly breaking my heart and making me angry.”

Over the past few months, the Panhandle has seen a surge in positive cases.

As of Thursday, Dec. 10 Panhandle Public Health District has reported a total of 6,790 positive COVID-19 cases in the Panhandle. There are presently 1,587 active cases and we have lost over 100 people.

These numbers represent friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members.

By now, we should all know someone that has tested positive, become sick and possibly even died from COVID-19. We have seen how it affects people differently.

The virus can make someone feel completely sick for weeks and impacting them for weeks to come. We have seen how some barely have symptoms and recover quickly. Others end up in the hospital. We have seen some die, and we have seen the many variations in between.

This is not about politics as many want to believe. It’s about life and death. If you think different, hopefully, you will not have to sit at the bedside of a loved one who will ultimately die from the COVID-19 or complications of the virus?

It is time to mask up, social distance and do everything possible to stop the spread of this virus.

Our prayers go out to all the men and women in the medical field and other front line professionals that are engulfed in this pandemic every single day. May you and your families all stay safe and healthy. For you are greatly appreciated for your sacrifice.

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