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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Columnist is wrong about her assessment of Cuomo's behavior

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Columnist is wrong about her assessment of Cuomo's behavior

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Froma Harrop is way off base in her editorial March 10. Cuomo has literally condemned himself by attempting to justify his errant behavior. His justifications are admission to guilt. By putting his hands and/or mouth on his victims, he has committed the crime of assault. Assault is defined by law is “the crime of unconsented physical contact with another person, even where the contact is not violent but merely menacing or offensive” . I grew up with Italians and it is NOT customary to grab, hug and kiss those who are part of the family or very close friends. At the very least his behavior is below socially acceptable norms.

Are the women he has groped or pawed afraid? Darn right. Cuomo is in a position of power. He has become predator and the women he has assaulted are his prey. He holds their careers in his hands. He has no right to question their private sex behavior. Propositioning a subordinate by asking for strip poker is threatening. Forever more these women, when in the company or close vicinity of Cuomo will always worry about his behavior. Will he do it again? Will it escalate? Will I lose my job if I don’t give in to his “suggestions”? When will the suggestions escalate into demands?

Does he hug and mug male employees? Does he suggest they play strip poker? Does he grab their cheeks to kiss them? Why must only the women be subjected to this demeaning treatment? Do women not have the right to their employment without having to bow to Cuomo’s demeaning behavior?

Cuomo suggesting that he has done nothing wrong indicates that he is not capable of discerning right from wrong and is not mentally capable of being Governor of New York. New York deserves better.

Harrop, you are so wrong for so many reasons.

Bess Carnahan


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