To the Editor:

I feel terrible for the dog who was shot by the Sheriff’s Deputy. I feel terrible for the Deputy who had to make a horrible decision to shoot the dog. It was not the dog’s fault, however, the owner failed this majestic dog. The Law Enforcement Officer was fulfilling his duty and had no idea that the dog would not have attacked him- and there was no guarantee that the dog would not have attacked the Deputy.

Dogs are totally devoted to their masters and will go to extreme lengths to protect them and their property. The Law Enforcement Officer had a legal duty to perform his job duties. He had no duty to be attacked or bitten before defending himself. I am sad the dog was shot but I am more upset that the owner failed his loyal companion...Law Enforcement Officers should never be expected to be wounded before defending themselves.

Just take a look at our major cities...Who would have signed up for that (and at close to minimum wage)?! I want to commend all of our Law Enforcement personnel and thank them for keeping us safe. If you want to keep your dogs safe, keep them close to you. Take care of them.

Joanne Phillips


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William Benzel

Joanne Phillips, thanks for expressing what everyone is thinking.

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