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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Questioning domestic terrorism article

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Questioning domestic terrorism article

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I am writing in regard to the article by John Cohen in (the Saturday, July 3) paper on domestic terrorism. It was a virtual conference at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and he stated the U.S. has never faced a challenge like what we are up against now, mainly from terroristic groups within our country.

While I agree we have far too many groups working against this country while wanting us to believe they are looking out for the underprivileged and minorities, I feel it is disrespectful to include the time since 1814. Does that include Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma City, 9/11 New York, all the destructive demonstrations of the past year and a half? I know he mentioned domestic problems but all of these attacks have certainly affected many people here as well as taking thousands of lives.

He stated that we all have the Constitutional right to think and say things that may be insulting or repugnant but not the right to commit violent acts to further your beliefs. Attacking our Capitol or what started out as just demonstrating and turned into a very bad situation, was not a good thing but neither were all the small businesses looted or destroyed, people killed and many displaced by the violence last year.

There was one demonstrator killed during the capitol demonstration, who was unarmed, and we have yet to know who shot her and why. I guess what I’m saying is there are things we don’t need to know but when facts are put out, we should have all the facts, not just what some want us to know. This creates questions, disagreements, and frustrations for most of us.

We have a three-branch government for a good reason as well as a two-party system but government is very different today than 20 or 30 years ago There has always been dishonesty among our politicians.

I continue to hope and pray the good, honest leaders will prevail and keep our country safe from all terrorism, within and without. Thank you for your time.

Vicki Kotschwar


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