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Affordable Housing

At the same time that the COVID-19 pandemic shifted home buyer demand toward low-density areas and larger homes, the lockdowns delayed peak home buying season creating pent up demand for new homes.

Homeownership has not recovered from its pre-recession levels, and growing concerns around COVID-19’s impact on the economy suggest those levels won’t be retaken any time soon.

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BAYARD — Rod Russell has been a builder his whole life, but rather than maintaining the status quo of building methods, he challenged himself 28 years ago. His goal is to develop a better, more efficient way to build houses.

His recent experience as a resident of Bayard - a community struck by a tornado last month - has deepened his devotion to his cause. 

He’s launched a new company, Millennium Resilient Housing (MR Housing for short), a name inspired in part by the longevity of Roman concrete structures, which have stood the test of time for roughly 2,000 years. The first components of his patent-pending precast concrete construction method rolled off the assembly line the week of June 1. Russell said the materials he uses and his finished product are virtually disaster-proof, a detail he aims to certify with the completion of a survivability test at Texas Tech in the coming months.

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