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The average gasoline price jumped six cents to $2.96 over the past week, and it's expected to continue climbing because of the pipeline closur…

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DETROIT (AP) — Ford has raised its stake in a manufacturer of solid-state batteries — a move that its chief product and operations officer, Hau Thai-Tang, says will strengthen the company's effort to increase the range and reduce the costs of its next generation of electric vehicles.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The jury deliberating in the trial of Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd 's death, is a racially diverse group that pledged before testimony began that they could set aside any preconceptions and decide the case based on the evidence.

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Don’t worry about blowing up this pool or getting out your tools — just bring it out and fill it. The bottom is made of vinyl, while the sides are made of heavy-duty PVC. Available at Amazon, $37.99

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The most powerful flea-killers are often sold as “bug bombs” that saturate exposed surfaces with a strong insecticide, killing fleas in all forms.

Q: Help me, Tim! I’m so darned frustrated! The paint on the outside of my home and shed keeps peeling. Both have wood siding. Every few years I’m out there scraping and starting over. What am I doing wrong? I follow the directions on the label of the paint can to the letter. Is it the paint? Is it something I’m doing wrong? Is it just the weather where I live? I’m beginning to think an evil hex was cast upon my house by an enemy of a former owner. Please help me because I don’t want to put up vinyl siding to eliminate the paint issue. —Debbie S., Waterloo, Iowa

No matter how you look at it, removing varnish from wood is not a pleasant job, but the feel-good feeling when it’ s over makes the job worth it. Whether you’ re removing an old finish from a door, woodwork or a piece of furniture, you’ ll be pleased with the end result. If the removal work is on molding or window and door casing the work can be done in place, but if its movable, like...

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