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Your home is your refuge. It’s where you can feel safe and relaxed when life gets overwhelming. Certain decorating choices help foster that sense of peace, and how you decorate a space can have a huge impact on how you feel while you’re in it. A well-designed space filled with items you love can be calming and relieve stress, while cluttered rooms can have the opposite effect on your mood and mental health.

The Old Year is traditionally shown as a thin, bent over elderly man in comparison to the baby New Year. Well, along with a white beard reachi…

We are days away from 2023! Are you excited about the year ahead? I am enthusiastic about what 2023 holds. I have goals and new year resolutio…

It came with boxes, it came with bags, and even an aging kangaroo (costume). Keep Alliance Beautiful is settling into its cozier office space …

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Just a half-mile from my home a new house is being built. I’ve yet to meet the new owners but I’ve been able to closely monitor the progress. The aroma of sawdust still invigorates me, and I must say I do miss wearing my tool belt rig all day long while building a new house. Three years ago I had the pleasure of doing this installing all the plumbing, radiant heating, and electric in my daughter’s new home.

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As temperatures drop outside, bring warmth into your home with cozy winter decorations. Use our collection of winter decor ideas to make your home feel warm and inviting this season. Showcasing plush fabrics, cool colors and comfy furnishings, these wintry designs will last you all the way to spring.

80th Birthday Ramona Handley Ramona Handley will celebrating her 80th birthday on December 6, 2022. Please send cards to: Ramona Handley, Monu…

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Travel is back in full force around most of the world, and hotel chains such as Marriott, Hyatt, IHG and Hilton are looking to capture your attention and your wallet. In this list of 14 hotels you’ll find options from Chicago to Cancun, Madrid to Montreal—all of which you can redeem your hard earned points. […]

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A coffered ceiling system is a striking feature that makes a design statement in a room that calls attention to the ceiling. The coffered tiles are an architectural element that appears as a sunken panel in the shape of a square or rectangle. The 24- inch square panels add a rich look of luxury and warmth.

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It’s not your imagination. Travel got ten percent more expensive in 2022 compared to 2021 and there’s no end in sight. But don’t fret. We’ve got you covered with three easy ways to save on travel in 2023. Choose Your Experience, Not Your Destination You’ll find that once you choose where to go, your price […]

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Designers have used acrylic glass block for years because it creates a striking focal point while providing a light airy feel to a room. Remodeling contractors choose block windows to replace old windows, especially where you want to bring daylight into a room like a kitchen; but also maintain privacy. While many acrylic block windows are solid, an opening block window adds more to a room by ...

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