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This article is a summary of Nebraska Extension Circular EC 174, Noxious Weeds of Nebraska Leafy Spurge and the Extension Circular EC130, EC13…

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As with cooking a good piece of Wagyu beef, sometimes all you need to do is not mess it up. Whole Foods did a good job here — they didn't mess it up. This has good tomato flavor, is not too sweet and has a fairly loose texture. There are some seeds and skin here, which makes for an active eating experience. Fun fact: Jeff Bezos personally prepares and taste-tests every batch of Whole Foods marinara! (Editor's note: This is false.)

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A good sauce, but a little sweet. What made this stand out, though, is the preponderance of tomato seeds and skins in the mix (due, I imagine, to the inclusion of cherry tomatoes).

The University of Nebraska Dry Bean Breeding Program has announced the development of two new dry edible bean varieties, one a great northern …

Scotch thistle (Onopordum acanthium L.) is a biennial, nonnative forb listed as a noxious weed in Wyoming, Colorado, and portions of western N…

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TikTok creator and avid gardener Brenda of @ggthegardengirl shares this genius hack that will save you a few bucks on a seed sowing tool. Instead of buying something new, use a stick from your yard and mark off common seed depth measurements using a ruler and a pen.

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