Hiway 92 Raceway ready for July 4 racing

Scott Long (11), of Lyman, and Jessie Fornstrom (01), of Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, race side-by-side in the Super Stock race Friday, June 26 at HiWay 92 Raceway Park.

It was a big weekend of racing last weekend at HiWay 92 Raceway Park with a double-dip on Friday, June 26 and Saturday.

After two straight days of racing last weekend, the racers will put on a firecracker of a show this Saturday, July 4, with a fireworks show after the races. The races will also have a 50-lap Warrior Fire and Ice race main event.

Saturday’s action kicks off at 6 p.m. with the trophy dashes. This Saturday’s races follow an exciting series of races last weekend.

The Bandits saw Wyatt Dent capture three wins, earning wins in the trophy dash, heat, and main of the Bandit Bandolero division.

The Outlaws division of the Bandoleros, drivers between the ages of 12 and 16, saw Aubrie Hilton earn the quicktime and trophy dash wins. The teat went to Zach Morris, while Gracie Crocker of Brighton, Colorado, won her first race by taking the main event checkered flag.

The Farm Trucks saw a clean sweep from Terry Gass. Gass won the trophy dash and then then topped Tim Bland to win both the heat and main event races.

Lyman’s Scott Long won two events, capturing the trophy dash and then edged Doug Fornstrom in the heat race. The main event was tight as Long and Jared Whiting were battling tooth and nail for the entire main event, before Whiting took the checkered flag for the win while Long finished fourth.

The Legends saw 17 cars in the main event. In the end, it was a dominating performance from Darrell J. Stewart, who won the trophy dash, which was also the first heat race, and then topped Ryan Jones to win the Main event. The second heat race was won by Darrell L. Stewart over Al Mathews.

Saturday’s race was a different story in all the divisions. The Legends had two main events and Darrell J. Stewart only came away with only one win on the day after turning in the fastest time trial lap. Darrell J. Stewart won the second main event over Tanner Scarberry. Scarberry won the first main event by edging, who other than Darrell J. Stewart.

The heat winners included Brett Reid of Laramie Wyoming, who won the first heat which was also the trophy dash. The second heat was won by Al Matthews.

The Figure 8s also took to the track with Dylan Osborn winning the main event after clocking in to get the fastest time.

The two Bandolero divisions also ran. The Bandits saw Wyatt Dent win the Quicktime honor while Dillyn Kellog captured the trophy dash. The main was won by Huston Wells over Kellog.

The Outlaws division saw different winners as well. Gracie Crocker, after winning the main on Friday, turned in the fastest time trial to earn the Quicktime award. She then won the trophy dash. The heat and main event races were different stories. The heat was won by Sammy Henson over Bryanna Bruce. The main event was won by Andy Jones, who topped Chase Graff, who took second, and Bruce, who was third.

Friday, June 26


Bandits – Dillyn Kellogg

Outlaws – Aubrie Hilton

Legends – Darrell J. Stewart

Trophy Dash

Bandits – Wyatt Dent

Outlaws – Aubrie Hilton

Farm Trucks – Terry Gass

Super Stock – Scott Long

Legends -- Darrell J. Stewart


Heat – 1, Wyatt Dent; 2, Dillyn Kellogg; 3, Ryker McConahay; 4, Huston Wells.

Main – 1, Wyatt Dent; 2, Ryker McConahay; 3, Dillyn Kellogg; 4, Huston Wells.


Heat – 1, Zach Morris; 2, Gracie Crocker; 3, Sammy Hansen.

Main – 1, Gracie Crocker; 2, Zach Morris; 3, Aubrie Hilton; 4, Sammy Hansen; 5, Mahkrysta Hilton; 6, Andy Jones; 7, Bryanna Bruce.

Farm Trucks

Heat – 1, Terry Gass; 2, Tim Bland; 3, Chad Steele; 4, Alan Cress; 5, Luke Ulander.

Main – 1, Terry Gass; 2, Tim Bland; 3, Chad Steele; 4, Alan Cress; 5, Luke Ulander.

Super Stock

Heat – 1, Scott Long; 2, Doug Fornstrom; 3, Tyler Knight; 4, Jared Whiting; 5, Jessie Fornstrom; 6, Dave Waechter.

Main – 1, Jared Whiting; 2, Tyler Knight; 3, Jessie Fornstrom; 4, Scott Long; 5, Tyler Knight; 6, Doug Fornstrom.


Heat 1 – 1, Darrell J. Stewart; 2, Ryan Jones; 3, Tanner Scarberry; 4, Adam Powers; 5, Brett Reid; 6, Robbie Romero; 7, Martin Gatzuus; 8, Brinna Phillips; 9, Tessa Marine.

Heat 2 – 1, Darrell L. Stewart; 2, AJ Mathews; 3, Tim Trostel; 4, Natalie Foster; 5, Hayden Moody; 6, Jim Bowman; 7, Bob Phillips; 8, Savanna Hickman.

Main – 1, Darrell J. Stewart; 2, Ryan Jones; 3, Tanner Scarberry; 4, Darrell L. Stewart; 5, AJ Mathews; 6, Tim Trostel; 7, Adam Powers; 8, Brett Reid; 9, Natalie Foster; 10, Robbie Romero; 11, Brinna Phillips; 12, Jim Bowman; 13, Martin Gatzuus; 14, Tessa Martin; 15, Bob Phillips; 16, Savanna Hickman; 17, Hayden Moody.

Saturday, June 27

Quick Times

Bandits – Wyatt Dent

Outlaws – Gracie Crocker

Figure 8s – Dylan Osborn

Legends – Darrell J. Stewart

Trophy Dash

Bandits – Dillyn Kellog

Outlaws -- Gracie Crocker

Legends – Brett Reid


Main – 1, Huston Wells; 2, Dillyn Kellog; 3, Wyatt Dent; 4, Ryker McConahay.


Heat – 1, Sammy Hensen; 2, Bryanna Bruce; 3, Zach Morris; 4, Aubrie Hilton.

Main – 1, Andy Jones; 2, Chase Graff; 3, Bryanna Bruce; 4, Zach Morris; 5, Aubrie Hilton; 6, Sammy Hansen; 7, Mahkyysta Hilton; 8, Gracie Crocker.

Figure 8s

Main – 1, Dylan Osborn; 2, Brayden Douglas; 3, Randy Avolio.


Heat 1 – 1, Brett Reid; 2, Wayne Barlock, Jr.; 3, Darrell J. Stewart; 4, Tanner Scarberry; 5, Tim Trostel; 6, Adam Powers; 7, Robbie Romero; 8, Tessa Marine; 9, Savanna Hickman.

Heat 2 – 1, Al Matthews; 2, Darrell L. Stewart; 3, Ryan Jones; 4, Natalie Foster; 5, Martin Gatzuus; 6, Hayden Moody; 7, Jim Bowman; 8, Brinna Phillips; 9, James Starcher.

Main 1 – 1, Tanner Scarberry; 2, Darrell J. Stewart; 3, Darrell L. Stewart; 4, Ryan Jones; 5, Wayne Barlock; 6, Al Matthews; 7; Jim Bowman; 8, Tim Trostell; 9, Natalie Foster; 10, Adam Powers; 11, Brett Reid; 12, Martin Gatzuus; 13, Brinna Phillips; 14, Tessa Marine; 15, James Starcher; 16, Robbie Romero; 17, Hayden Moody; 18, Savanna Hickman.

Main 2 – 1, Darrel J. Stewart; 2, Tanner Scarberry; 3, Darrel L. Stewart; 4, Adam Powers; 5, Natalie Foster; 6, Martin Gatzuus; 7, Hayden Moody; 8, Brinna Phillips; 9, Jim Bowman; 10, Tessa Marine; 11, James Starcher; 12, Brett Reid; 13, Ryan Jones; 14, Tim Trostel; 15, Al Matthews; 16, Robbie Romero.

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