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Sidney girls, boys take first at Mitchell Invite

Sidney girls, boys take first at Mitchell Invite


MITCHELL — The Sidney girls and boys ran away with the team titles at the Mitchell Track and Field Invitational on Thursday.

The Raider girls finished with a team score of 162 for first place paced by Talissa Tanquary and Karly Sylvester.

Tanquary had a pair of first place finishes in the 800-meter and 1,600-meter runs. In the 800, Tanquary finished the course in 2:24.76, just ahead of Gering’s Madison Seiler at 2:29.74.

Tanquary and teammate Morgan Jaggers finished first and second in the 1,600. Tanquary ran a 5:41.25 and Jaggers finished in 5:44.88.

Sylvester threw the shot put 39 feet to finish ahead of teammate Reagan Biesecker who had a throw of 37-feet, 3-inches. Gering’s Nickie Todd had a throw of 32-6 for third place.

In the discus, Sylvester had a first-place throw of 126-8. Sidney’s Delanie Namuth ended in second with a toss of 101-10.

Sidney also claimed first place in the pole vault, long jump and triple jump.

Rheagan Stanley cleared 8-feet, 6-inches to claim the pole vault title, Karsyn Leeling won the long jump with a jump of 17-3 and Gabrielle Fortner took the triple jump title with a jump of 35-2.

The Raider boys had a big day from Daniel Bashtovoi to finish first with 144.5 points. Mitchell finished second at 95.5.

Bashtovoi ran the 1,600 in 4:47.88 for first place, and ended second to Gering’s Peyton Seiler in the 3,200. Bashtovoi also ran one leg of the Raiders first-place finishing 4x800 relay team along with Cameron Brauer, Mitchell Deer and Treyson Johnstone.

Mitchell Track and Field Invitational

Team Scores


1, Sidney, 144.5; 2, Mitchell, 95.5; 3, Chadron, 81; 4, Gering, 59; 5, Ogallala, 55; 6, Morrill, 26; 7, Gordon-Rushville, 23; 8, Hemingford, 11; 8, Bridgeport, 11; 10, Scottsbluff, 9.5; 10, Bayard, 9.5; 12, Crawford, 1


1, Sidney, 162; 2, Ogallala, 114; 3, Chadron, 74; 4, Gering, 30.5; 5, Bayard, 26; 5, Crawford, 26; 5, Sioux County, 26; 8, Mitchell, 22; 9, Bridgeport, 17; 10, Morrill, 13; 11, Scottsbluff, 6.5; 12, Gordon-Rushville, 6; 13, Hemingford, 4

Boys Individual Results

100 Meters

1, Kadin Perez, 11.33aSR, Mitchell; 2, Rylan Aguallo, 11.38aSR, Mitchell; 3, Luke Holly, 11.43aPR, Sidney; 4, Daemon Avilez, 11.55aPR, Bayard; 5, Caden Lewis, 11.59aPR, Morrill

200 Meters

1, Kadin Perez, 23.45a, Mitchell; 2, Luke Holly, 23.61aPR, Sidney; 3, Rylan Aguallo, 23.81aSR, Mitchell; 4, Daemon Avilez, 23.83aPR, Bayard; 5, Isak Doty, 24.14aPR, Sidney

 400 Meters

1, Kadin Perez, 52.55aSR, Mitchell; 2, Mitchell Deer, 53.67a, Sidney; 3, Malachi Swallow, 54.93aPR, Chadron; 4, Paul Lynch, 55.67aPR, Gordon-Rushville; 5, William Rairigh, 55.78aPR, Gering

 800 Meters

1, Carmelo Ayala, 2:08.21aPR, Mitchell; 2, Mitchell Deer, 2:11.48aPR, Sidney; 3, Carter Ryan, 2:14.08aPR, Chadron; 4, Jeron Gager, 2:14.18aPR, Ogallala; 5, Jace Freeseman, 2:15.94aPR, Gordon-Rushville

 1600 Meters

1, Daniel Bashtovoi, 4:47.88aPR, Sidney; 2, Cameron Brauer, 4:50.58aPR, Sidney; 3, Logan Andrews, 5:00.46aSR, Gering; 4, Eli Marez, 5:00.89aPR, Gering; 5, Lucas Moravec, 5:04.49aPR, Gering

 3200 Meters

1, Peyton Seiler, 10:42.78aSR, Gering; 2, Daniel Bashtovoi, 10:50.86a, Sidney; 3, Elijah Conley, 11:40.32aPR, Bridgeport; 4, Gavin Sloan, 11:42.00a, Chadron; 5, Easton Anderson, 11:42.67a, Mitchell; 12, Trevor Widener, NT, Bridgeport

 110m Hurdles - 39”

1, Cameron Zink, 15.64aPR, Ogallala; 2, Bryce Seier, 16.53aPR, Morrill; 3, Connor Hartzler, 16.62a, Sidney; 4, Rhett Cullers, 16.64aPR, Chadron; 5, Gage Stokey, 16.93a, Ogallala

 300m Hurdles - 36”

1, Cameron Zink, 42.21a, Ogallala; 2, Connor Hartzler, 43.13a, Sidney; 3, Rhett Cullers, 43.71a, Chadron; 4, Garrett Reece, 44.68a, Chadron; 5, Gage Stokey, 44.92a, Ogallala

 4x100 Relay

1, Rylan Aguallo, Hayden Umble, Francisco Alvizar, Kadin Perez, 45.22a, Mitchell; 2, Brady Radzymski, Lance Isaacs, Tanner Gartner, Tyler Garrett, 45.58a, Gering; 3, Sawyer Dickman, Jacob Dowse, Jackson Russell, Luke Holly, 45.62a, Sidney; 4, Chayton Bynes, Michael Sorenson, Xander Provance, Jiesinh Sayaloune, 46.10a, Chadron; 5, Cade Goings, Donovan Fillmore, Mac Ballard, Elijah Jackson, 46.42a, Gordon-Rushville,

4x400 Relay

1, Brett Pszanka, Lance Isaacs, Jacob Awiszus, Tanner Gartner, 3:36.43a, Gering; 2, Treyson Johnstone, Mitchell Deer, Jacob Dowse, Cameron Brauer, 3:37.03a, Sidney; 3, Michael Sorenson, Rhett Cullers, Garrett Reece, Malachi Swallow, 3:39.54a, Chadron; 4, Paul Lynch, Keenan Schwarting, Mac Ballard, Elijah Jackson, 3:44.00a, Gordon-Rushville; 5, Francisco Alvizar, Carmelo Ayala, Jaden Schumacher, Santiago Castillo, 3:52.45a, Mitchell

4x800 Relay

1, Daniel Bashtovoi, Cameron Brauer, Mitchell Deer, Treyson Johnstone, 8:35.94a, Sidney; 2, Brett Pszanka, Logan Andrews, Eli Marez, Lucas Moravec, 8:55.48a, Gering; 3, William Costello, Gregory Johns, Frankie Johns, Jace Freeseman, 9:30.31a, Gordon-Rushville; 4, Preston Tuttle, Blake Wyatt, Jeron Gager, Evan Jones, 9:30.75a, Ogallala; 5, Daniel Wellnitz, Carter Ryan, Gavin Sloan, Nathan Burch, 9:42.37a, Chadron

Shot Put - 12lb

1, Jarek Anderson, 45-02.00PR, Chadron; 2, Cody Hall, 44-11.00, Chadron; 3, Seth Wilfred, 44-02.50, Mitchell; 4, Brock Knutson, 42-07.00PR, Mitchell; 5, Kyren Graves, 41-03.00PR, Ogallala

 Discus - 1.6kg

1, Isaiah Guerue, 125-07, Morrill; 2, Seth Wilfred, 119-08, Mitchell; 3, Michael Morgan, 118-03PR, Morrill; 4, Hunter Wyland, 116-08PR, Hemingford; 5, Kaden Vogl, 115-07, Ogallala

 High Jump

1, Sawyer Dickman, 6-02.00, Sidney; 2, Jacob Dowse, 6-02.00PR, Sidney; 3, Dayo Kennedy, 6-00.00, Ogallala; 4, Chayton Bynes, 5-10.00PR, Chadron; 5, Daemon Avilez, 5-10.00, Bayard; 5, Francisco Barrios, 5-10.00, Mitchell

 Pole Vault

1, Quintin Emerson, 12-06.00SR, Ogallala; 2, Aaron Price, 12-06.00, Scottsbluff; 3, Ethan Specht, 11-00.00PR, Hemingford; 4, Kaleb Hessler, 10-06.00, Gering; 5, Ty Robles, 10-00.00PR, Scottsbluff; 5, Brayden Shaw, 10-00.00, Sidney

 Long Jump

1, Cameron Leeling, 21-03.00PR, Sidney; 2, Rylan Aguallo, 20-11.00SR, Mitchell; 3, Chayton Bynes, 20-11.00PR, Chadron; 4, Damien Beatson, 20-01.50PR, Sidney; 5, Dayo Kennedy, 19-09.50, Ogallala

Triple Jump

1, Chayton Bynes, 42-06.25PR, Chadron; 2, Sawyer Dickman, 40-05.75, Sidney; 3, Luke Holly, 39-02.00, Sidney; 4, Elijah Jackson, 38-08.25, Gordon-Rushville; 5, Trent Davis, 37-11.75PR, Gering

 Girls Individual Results

100 Meters

1, Sophia Plugge, 12.82aPR, Ogallala; 2, Dani Harter, 13.31aPR, Bayard; 3, Taylor Trumper, 13.34aPR, Ogallala; 4, Brooklin Hess, 13.41aPR, Morrill; 5, Logan Holly, 13.50a, Sidney

 200 Meters

1, Makayla Kirchner, 26.72a, Ogallala; 2, Sophia Plugge, 26.76a, Ogallala; 3, Karsyn Leeling, 28.01a, Sidney; 4, Skylar Edmund, 28.36aPR, Sioux County; 5, Dalli Anders, 28.61a, Crawford

 400 Meters

1, Jillian Brennan, 1:02.81aPR, Crawford; 2, Skylar Edmund, 1:04.11aSR, Sioux County; 3, Chloe Ahrens, 1:04.79aPR, Sidney; 4, Demi Ferguson, 1:05.65a, Chadron; 5, Grace Pyle, 1:05.87aPR, Chadron

 800 Meters

1, Talissa Tanquary, 2:24.76aPR, Sidney; 2, Madison Seiler, 2:29.74aPR, Gering; 3, Kyndall Carnahan, 2:41.27a, Chadron; 4, Haley Johnson, 2:42.43a, Gordon-Rushville; 5, Kodie Rempp, 2:47.62aSR, Sioux County

 1600 Meters

1, Talissa Tanquary, 5:41.25aPR, Sidney; 2, Morgan Jaggers, 5:44.88aSR, Sidney; 3, Lindee Henning, 5:57.36a, Ogallala; 4, Britney Klein, 6:18.81aPR, Sioux County; 5, Paityn Homan, 6:18.95a, Morrill

 3200 Meters

1, Lindee Henning, 12:50.60a, Ogallala; 2, Lauren Henning, 13:15.90a, Ogallala; 3, Paityn Homan, 13:21.20a, Morrill; 4, Sarah Lang, 13:43.83a, Bridgeport; 5, Kierra Miller, 13:45.56a, Bayard

 100m Hurdles - 33”

1, Chloe Ahrens, 16.69aPR, Sidney; 2, Trinity Penn, 18.42aSR, Mitchell; 3, Alexa Noyes, 18.57aPR, Ogallala; 4, Marjie Schmitt, 19.34aPR, Mitchell; 5, Brookelynn Warner, 19.72aPR, Hemingford

 300m Hurdles - 30”

1, Makinley Fuller, 52.39aPR, Chadron; 2, Marjie Schmitt, 53.12a, Mitchell; 3, Karlee Juhnke, 53.53aSR, Sioux County; 4, Maci Rutledge, 55.43aPR, Chadron; 5, Anaveah Rios, 56.92a, Gering

4x100 Relay, 1, Milan Coggins, Taylor Trumper, Makayla Kirchner, Sophia Plugge, 51.42a, Ogallala; 2, Joslyn Hopkins, Cambree Schmaltz, Danika Hassel, Dani Harter, 53.91a, Bayard; 3, Gianni Aguilar, Jada Schlothauer, Jenna Davis, Alissa Morales, 54.96a, Gering; 4, Tatum Bailey, Ember Diers, Kinley Richardson, Lauren (Fia) Rasmussen, 55.06a, Chadron; 5, Alexis Hill, Brooklyn Mohrman, Lindsie Leithead, Sydney Nein, 55.80a, Bridgeport

4x400 Relay

1, Demi Ferguson, Micaiah Fuller, Leila Tewahade, Grace Pyle, 4:26.34a, Chadron; 2, Gabrielle Fortner, Morgan Jaggers, Talissa Tanquary, Rheagan Stanley, 4:28.34a, Sidney; 3, Dalli Anders, Jillian Brennan, Morgan Jones, Kylah Vogel, 4:29.09a, Crawford; 4, Madison Seiler, Jenna Davis, Alissa Morales, Gianni Aguilar, 4:35.07a, Gering; 5, Milan Coggins, Marlee Ervin, Taylor Trumper, Tayden Kirchner, 4:36.52a, Ogallala

4x800 Relay

1, Kyndall Carnahan, Makinley Fuller, Leila Tewahade, Grace Pyle, 10:46.38a, Chadron; 2, Gabrielle Fortner, Morgan Jaggers, Talissa Tanquary, Rheo Dykstra, 10:57.12a, Sidney; 3, Jillian Brennan, Kiera Brennan, Halee Wasserburger, Cambrea Vogel, 11:06.92a, Crawford; 4, Madison Seiler, Emme Parker, Madison Herbel, Jenna Davis, 11:08.91a, Gering; 5, Lindee Henning, Tayden Kirchner, Maddie Armstrong, Kyra Skiles, 11:09.46a, Ogallala

 Shot Put - 4kg

1, Karly Sylvester, 39-00.00, Sidney; 2, Reagan Biesecker, 37-03.00PR, Sidney; 3, Nickie Todd, 32-06.00, Gering; 4, Gabby Caskey, 31-11.00, Ogallala; 5, Delanie Namuth, 30-10.00, Sidney

 Discus - 1kg

1, Karly Sylvester, 126-08PR, Sidney; 2, Delanie Namuth, 101-10SR, Sidney; 3, Ruthie Loomis-Goltl, 99-08, Bridgeport; 4, Reagan Biesecker, 97-04PR, Sidney; 5, McKinley Grover, 87-06, Gordon-Rushville

 High Jump

1, Tatum Bailey, 5-04.00, Chadron; 2, Karsyn Leeling, 4-10.00, Sidney; 3, Marlee Ervin, 4-10.00, Ogallala; 4, Milan Coggins, 4-10.00, Ogallala; 5, Ruthie Loomis-Goltl, 4-08.00, Bridgeport

 Pole Vault

1, Rheagan Stanley, 8-06.00PR, Sidney; 2, Brynna Ross, 8-00.00, Sidney; 3, Carlee Todd, 8-00.00PR, Scottsbluff; 4, Taya Kappen, 7-06.00PR, Bayard; 5, Emma Robbins, 7-06.00, Mitchell

 Long Jump

1, Karsyn Leeling, 17-03.00PR, Sidney; 2, Milan Coggins, 16-11.00PR, Ogallala; 3, Logan Holly, 16-05.00, Sidney; 4, Jordan Hughes, 16-04.00PR, Ogallala; 5, Jayrah Ngoi, 15-00.00PR, Chadron

 Triple Jump

1, Gabrielle Fortner, 35-02.00PR, Sidney; 2, Jordan Hughes, 34-10.00PR, Ogallala; 3, Jayrah Ngoi, 33-03.00, Chadron; 4, Tatum Bailey, 33-02.00PR, Chadron; 5, Joslyn Hopkins, 31-01.00, Bayard

The Sidney girls and boys track and field teams ran away with the team titles at the Mitchell Track and Field Invitational on Thursday.

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