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HVFD hosts Appreciation Night

HVFD hosts Appreciation Night


The Hemingford Volunteer Fire Department held their Annual Appreciation Night at the HVFD Fire Hall on Saturday, Nov. 6. The event always draws a large crowd and is something that not only the members of the department look forward to but so does the community. The event was cancelled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Happy Hour began at 5 p.m. and the meal started at 6:30 p.m. with the live auction following. The menu included rocky mountain oysters, gizzards, ham along with cheesy potatoes and more. The event is a way for the HVFD to not only thank their bosses for allowing them to answer the call of duty as a Volunteer Firefighter but the entire community as well. It is also the biggest fundraiser for the HVFD and funds made from the auction go back into the district.

“The event is open to the public and is also our big fundraiser for the year,” said Chief Shad Bryner. “We have tons of great support in our community.”

“It’s a thank you not only to our bosses but also to people around the community that support us daily.”

Employers of HVFD members include: Hemingford Coop Telephone/Mobius Communications, Buchheit Precision, Hemingford Public Schools, BBGH, Fix It Frosty, BNSF, Alliance Police Dept., H&H Sanitation, Box Butte AG Services, Huss Auto, Box Butte Co. Road Dept., Region 1 Office of Human Development, H&S Panels, Keegan Farms, Specht Farms, Prairie Sky Seed, Sorensen Irrigation, Farmers Coop, and Wood Construction.

Since January 1, 2021 the HVFD has answered: 39 fires, 96 EMS, 21 activities/public services, 10 drills, six trainings and have had 17 meetings. They will be hosting their second blood drive of 2021 on Wednesday, November 17. ​

Over the past year the HVFD has lost a few members and gained a few members.

“We’ve had a few retire,” said Bryner. “Lisa Haas with 20 years and Shawn Hunter with 10 years.”

The HVFD’s roster is currently sitting at a full squad of 30 members with a couple on the waiting list. The current members in alphabetical order are Shad Bryner, Robbie Buchheit, Mary Curtis, Seron Dillard, Jake Frost, Jordan Glendy, Jim Grumbles, Bobby Henderson, Mike Honstein, Ryan Hunter, Jess Huss, Barb Keegan, Jim Keegan, Taylor Keegan, Mark Klemke, Dan Kluver, Michelle Kluver, Kyle Kumpf, Tim Kumpf, Jim Miles, Robert Planansky, Marly Pehoviack, Aaron Sorensen, Jodine Sorensen, Mindy Stites, Mark Swanson, Mike Towne, Jameson Wood, Randy Wood and Ron Wood.

“Right now we don’t have any spots open,” said Bryner. “We are still looking for people that are interested, especially in becoming an EMT. There’s always a need for that. Right now we are full and even have a bit of a waiting list.”

2021 HVFD Officers:

Shad Bryner – Chief

Robbie Buchheit – Assistant Chief

Jim Miles – Assistant Chief

Barb Keegan – EMS Captain

Michelle Kluver – EMS Captain

Jake Frost – Captain

Mike Honstein – Captain

Jim Keegan – Captain

Mark Klemke – Captain

The current members of the HVFD have a combined total of over 426 years of service with the HVFD.

The following list details how long each member has been a volunteer with the department:

Hemingford Volunteer Fire Department Roster:

HVFD Member – Start Date – Years of Service

Jess Huss – 1/13/1982 – 39 years

Ron Wood – 5/13/1992 – 29 years

Randy Wood– 5/13/1992 – 29 years

Barb Keegan – 4/4/1994 – 27 years

Tim Kumpf– 12/14/1994 – 26 years

Jim Keegan – 1/11/1995 – 26 years

Mark Klemke – 3/19/1996 – 25 years

Aaron Sorensen – 1/10/1996 – 25 years

Jodine Sorensen – 1/18/1997 – 24 years

Ryan Hunter – 1/11/1998 – 23 years

Shad Bryner – 12/13/2000 – 20 years

Mark Swanson – 6/13/2006 – 15 years

Jim Miles –4/12/2006 – 15 years

Robbie Buchheit – 7/12/2007 – 14 years

Mike Honstein –7/12/2007 – 14 years

Mary Curtis –1/10/2010 – 11 years

Jim Grumbles – 8/15/2012 – 9 years

Jake Frost – 9/10/2012 – 9 years

Seron Dillard – 9/10/2012 – 9 years

Mike Towne – a combined 7 years

Mindy Stites – 8/14/2014 – 7 years

Bobby Henderson – 8/07/2016 – 5 years

Kyle Kumpf – 8/1/2017 – 4 years

Dan Kluver – 9/16/2017 – 4 years

Michelle Kluver– 9/16/2017 – 4 years

Robert Planansky – 7/9/2019 – 2 years

Jameson Wood – 1/9/2019 – 2 years

Jordan Glendy –11/15/2019 – 1 year

Marly Pahoviack – March/2021 – less than 1 year

Taylor Keegan – April/2021 – less than 1 year

Donations, as always, play a vital role in funding a volunteer fire department.

If you are interested in donating to our local fire department, please mail your donation to:

Hemingford Volunteer Fire Department

P.O. Box 598

Hemingford, NE 69348

We thank every firefighter and EMT, past and present, for answering the call.

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