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Remember When...

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Going to the fair was so exciting! The whole family piling in the car. And getting into that long line of cars heading for Hemingford. You could almost smell the cotton candy.

We were not in 4H so we didn’t participate in all those activities. Even though I begged my mother for a cow. She seemed to think if you lived in the middle of town, the neighbors might not like it. But every year it came up again when we would tour the barns! Something yummy about the smell of the barns. Except for the pigs...they were stinky.

I loved looking thru the different buildings, seeing all the beautiful flowers in the extension office building, 4H projects a little further down. We Loved the art building. Searching for the picture we had done at school to see if it was good enough to win a ribbon. Then we were off to the Diorama Booth for the best Sloppy Joes anywhere. Now back to one last building, where all the business’s were. This was my mothers favorite place, as one of the lumber yards would surely be giving away yard sticks with their name on them.. In our house, those were known as fanny wackers. My job as an ornery kid, was to find where she hid it. And remove it from the premises. She could reach you a long ways off with that thing. Even worse if you’re in the car and starting fights with your little brother for touching your half of the seat. I kept hoping they would run out before we got there.

Next we would head for the midway. First up the claw machine, for 10 cents you could take a chance, to maybe get a cool diamond bracelet, decoder ring, rubber frog, endless possibility, You paid your dime, and maneuvered your crane to the perfect spot to win that prize unless, you missed and got gravel. Then it was onto the rides, octopus, scrambler, tilt a whirl. Anything that twirled and reminded you what you had eater for lunch. Never forget when my brother was on the banana splits ride and the guy sitting opposite of him got sick...he he he...I tried not to laugh, but not hard enough evidently, from the sneer on my mothers face.

Then it was time for the Demolition Derby, we would yell until our throats were sore. We however, found a cherry sno cone would fix that right up. Then the announcer said to look up in the sky, The Dobson Sky Divers were going to land right in front of the grand stand. The excitement was almost too much. Seeing them jump out, their shoots jerking them quickly upward, then gliding like a bird to an almost always awesome perfect landing.

After the Derby we would head for the car, which mom never remembered where she parked it. Casey all ways found it. The trip home was quiet, we were sleepy, and worn out.

Right as we hit town...Mom would remind us...well that’s the end of summer. Time to back to school. I winced, Casey Snored and boy was my mom grinning!!!!


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